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Discover what our clients have to say about their experience with Fit My Sofa.

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Customer Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about our services

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Jessica Milani Avatar
Jessica Milani
Absolutely the best in the business! They cut up a sofa for me about 3 separate times. You can not tell anything was done. Best of all, they are super fast and great customer service. Check out the photos.
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Aj Segura Avatar
Aj Segura
Submitted a quote through their website and quickly received an email for couch specifications. They came the next morning and quickly disassembled our couch and got it up the stairs to our room. I would say it took less than 30 mins! Will definitely be using them in the future! Hands down beats dumping a perfectly goodcouch and spending on a new one!
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Malu Marzarotto Avatar
Malu Marzarotto
I cannot share enough good things! They came and worked quickly, efficiently, and did a great job!
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Jan Philipp Balthasar Müller Avatar
Jan Philipp Balthasar Müller
fast, friendly, reliable, and masters of their craft. it’s a bit like orthopedic surgery.
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Meg Bres Avatar
Meg Bres
Fit My Sofa was at my apartment within an hour and fixed the issue within 30 min. They are amazing! Highly recommend.
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Rachelle Martin Avatar
Rachelle Martin
Really enjoyed the service! Everyone I worked with was responsive and the team was in and out in less than an hour. If I ever need help with my sofas again they will be the first people I call!
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Omar Collazo Grau Avatar
Omar Collazo Grau
Highly recommended! After finding out that our sofa would not fit through the door of the new place we just moved in, we contacted these guys after 10 PM. They picked up right away and the next day, they came over precisely at the time agreed and within an hour, Leo and Victor took the sofa apart, brought it in and put it back together in our new living room. The sofa feels like nothing happened. These guys are real “couch doctors”! Thank you so much, Fit My Sofa.
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Jason Riesa Avatar
Jason Riesa
Very impressive work. Could not be any happier. Very carefully took apart our 100” sofa, moved it into the apartment, and put it back together. Can’t even tell anything happened at all. Great work!
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Miranda C. Dennis Avatar
Miranda C. Dennis
These guys were life savers. They quickly broke my couch down to move it through a narrow entry way and then reassembled it perfectly. I think it took maybe 15 minutes? I’ve never seen anything like it. They also were able to come the same day! Would use (and likely will have to whenever I inevitably move) again!
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Osiris Garcia Avatar
Osiris Garcia
The guys did a great job!!! I couldn’t get my sofa upstair ,it was too long. They came right away ,perform the service very fast . Highly recommend fitmyaofa.
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Vladislav Doskaliev Avatar
Vladislav Doskaliev
Great company and people, 10 out of 10!! Thank you!
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Evan Latoni Avatar
Evan Latoni
I just want to say I was amazed as to how fast they were done with the task. Especially with the size of the sofa. They were punctual, done quickly and sofa is back to how it was with no issues or damage. Price was well worth it and they give a 6 year warranty just in case. I’m definitely happy with their service and result. I certainly recommend them.
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Peter S Avatar
Peter S
This company is top notch. They not only fit our sofa into our apartment – The delivery people from the store where we purchased it couldn’t do it – they also repaired the sofa. They didn’t break it. It arrived from the store broken. The people at fit my sofa are so easy to deal with. Exceptional experience from top to bottom. I would very highly recommend.
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Milen Bekis Avatar
Milen Bekis
I could not be happier with my results. My couch has never looked better. The wonderful team at “Fix My Sofa”, were very patient and addressed every one of my concerns. I recommend them for any of your sofa fixes. Whether it’s minor or major, this company has got your back!
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Natallia Bekis Avatar
Natallia Bekis
Reliable people, great service, always on time, had to use them twice, never disappointed, good experience. Highly recommended!
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Dmytro dolivskyy Avatar
Dmytro dolivskyy
I could never believe that the such a service could happen, so fast , professional,intelligent, ,determined, not really overpriced, but I would really love to pay more for that type of experience I went through with my furniture fitting issues ,which those guys are completed like a PRO’s !!! Highly recommend them!!! We used this company at least twice and both times. We had a great experience.!
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Expo Movers Avatar
Expo Movers
We used Fit My Sofa multiple times for our clients, always in time and great service.
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Sean Bellow Avatar
Sean Bellow
Guys were awesome..couch came out beautiful. Was so happy didn’t have to donate.
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Philipp Lebedev Avatar
Philipp Lebedev
I have purchased a sofa at Article and when they delivered it, it didn’t fit through the door.. Fit My Sofa helped me to disassemble the sofa move it inside my apartment and reassemble it without any damage. Thank you for the prompt response.
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Leonard Shirman Avatar
Leonard Shirman
Extremely knowledgeable and reliable people! Excellent work!!
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Ingo Günther Avatar
Ingo Günther
Showed up on time. Finished on time. Professional and hard working. Respectful to the super. They don’t talk much when working, focused! Can’t be more pleased.
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Avery Fazende Avatar
Avery Fazende
Great communication with impressive, fast and thoughtful work! I have a complicated front door and hallway situation and it was no problem for fitmysofa. I will be recommending them to all my friends in the future!
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Владимир Власенко Avatar
Владимир Власенко
Using the service for the second time already, guys are really friendly and professional, helped me to move a few couches this time from an apartment to a new house we just bought. Everything was done fast, I have no complaints, price is fair, so I highly recommend 😉
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Avery F. Avatar
Avery F.
5 star rating
Great communication with impressive, fast and thoughtful work! I have a really complicated front door and hallway situation and it was no problem for them. I will be recommending them to all my friends in the future.
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Darian Guinn Avatar
Darian Guinn
Our new apartment was too small to fit our couch through the door, so we called Fit My Sofa for help. They did an incredible job disassembling the couch, moving it into the apartment and reassembling it in our living room! They were very efficient and did a great job! I would definitely recommend their services!
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Rachel M. Avatar
Rachel M.
5 star rating
These guys are amazing. I purchased a sofa that was too big to fit in my elevator or stairs, which is a common occurrence in the villages in Manhattan apparently. These guys saved my sofa. They arrived within hours on the same day they dismantled the sofa, took it apart, brought it upstairs, and fixed it back together again, as good as new in around a hour for a good price and no hidden extras. Highly recommend these guys!
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Michael Hamroff Avatar
Michael Hamroff
Excellent company. Was in a bind. Couch dropped by movers wouldn’t fit thru apartment door. They showed up after hours on time as promised. 1 hour later, problem solved. Feb 2023. Used them again. Excellent. Prompt, courteous and efficient. Helped me out in a bind. Highly recommend
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