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West Elm Sofa Delivery & Assembly

At Fit My Sofa, we specialize in handling West Elm sofas, renowned for their stylish designs and robust construction. Our expertise extends to various materials and styles. Learn about how we handled a West Elm fabric sofa for our client. 

west elm sofa disassembly process
west elm disassembly process
west elm assembly service

Challenges with the West Elm Sofa

Our team, known for our expert couch disassembly and furniture moving services, was given the job to go to West Elm Outlet, pick up a sofa selected by our customer and  safely deliver it to a customer’s house. 

It was tricky getting the sofa inside because the front door was too small for this big couch. West Elm sofas are really stylish and well-built, but they’re not made to be taken apart easily. This sofa was extra challenging with its cozy cushions and sturdy frame. It was essential to disassemble it without affecting its integrity or the fabric’s quality.

How We Handled the Sofa

Handling this West Elm sofa required a blend of precision and care. Initially, at the customer’s home, we started by removing the detachable parts, such as cushions and legs, which are typically easier to manage. We then carefully proceeded to disassemble the main frame. This involved gently unscrewing and separating the interconnected parts, ensuring each bolt and screw was kept safe for reassembly.

With the sofa successfully taken apart, we methodically moved each section into the house. This process was done with utmost attention to avoid any scratches or damage to both the sofa parts and the home’s interior. Once all the pieces were inside, the reassembly began in the designated area chosen by the customer.

Reassembling the sofa involved reversing the disassembly steps, meticulously putting each piece back in its original place. Our team’s expertise ensured that the frame was reconstructed securely, guaranteeing the sofa’s stability and comfort were restored to its West Elm showroom condition. The reassembled sofa not only fit perfectly in the customer’s desired location but also retained its elegant design and comfort, much to the satisfaction of the customer.

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